Your day can be ruined if you scratch or dent your bumper.

For over 25 years Dent Master technicians have been repairing
and reconditioning bumpers to restore them back to a mint condition.

Most repairs can be finished in a single day. This is a great and fast
alternative to a costly body shop repair

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Paintless dent removal (“PDR”) is a process by which a skilled craftsman,
using special tools and techniques, removes dents, dings,
and creases from an automobile without performing any paint work.

This process is a better alternative to traditional automotive body repair
methods that involve sanding, filling, and repainting because its fast,
clean and saves original factory finish(or paint).

With over 27 years of experience our name speaks for itself!

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If hail damages your vehicle, we work directly with your
insurance company, coordinating the entire repair process
from start to finish.

From providing free hail damage estimates
to scheduling, and even arranging for a rental car during your repair,
Dent Master will take care of the details and leave you hassle-free.



A near-flawless auto exterior can be a very powerful message for our
customers, clients, co-workers, and friends. Key scratches, shopping cart
dings, rock chips, scuffmarks and scratches diminish the value of a car and
make it look older.

We can restore your vehicle to its original condition with our scratch repair
service, often without the need for a costly new coat of paint

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Dent Master proudly uses only the best car care products and cleaning foams to ensure premium quality when washing and detailing our customers’ cars.

From motorcycles to boats and RVs, come experience it for yourself.

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When your vehicle has cosmetic damage like paint chips and scratches,
Dent Master expertly trained paint technicians can improve the overall
appearance and value of your car in no time.

Using the Color Quick professional paint mixing system your touch up
is 100% color match guaranteed.


Yellow or clouded plastic headlights?

Dent Master technicians will restore your headlights, making them crystal clear again, increasing visibility and your vehicle’s value.

Most repairs can be made in few hours, making sure you’re back on the road quickly.


Every small chip in your glass windshield is a ticking time bomb. A chip can become a crack, which can become a shattered windshield, often with no warning.

Dent Master repairs minor chips less than half inch in diameter. When repairs are finished, the chip is gone, and your window is restored to a safe condition.


Improve appearance of your interior by having Dent Master technicians repair your seats and dye faded carpet stains.

Leather and vinyl seats, damaged carpet, broken consoles, dashboards and other internal plastic parts can be repaired, re-painted or re-installed to restore the condition of your car and increase its value.


Your wheels say as much about your car as your shoes say about you.

Cracked or damaged rims, minor gouges, wheel corrosion, and peeling clear coat all contribute to a shabby appearance and loss of value for your automobile.

Dent Master guarantees quality repair by our dedicated, trained technicians to get you safely back on the road in no time.

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When car repair technician Paul Coppola started fixing cars in 1987, he did so with an inspired and visionary perspective. He founded the Dent Master Brand, and since then, built this success story with many locally owned and operated Dent Master franchises nationwide. And we’re still growing!

Today Dent Master is a comprehensive vehicle repair and reconditioning company. With national network of repair shops, we master the art of paintless dent repair by fixing thousands of hail damaged vehicles each year. Our other specialties make us a true one-stop shop for your auto reconditioning needs, from detailing to interior repair to bumper spots. We offer tremendous value to customers, at a reasonable and haggle-free price, and typically in far less time than conventional body shop repair, where panels need to be replaced and re-painted.

Our vision is simple and straight-forward: To provide consumers, body shops, dealerships, insurance companies, and auto auctions with the best possible service and results at a reasonable and consistent price, because we believe everyone deserves that.

Every year Dent Master technicians get updated education in the latest tools and technology of the trade, as they attend multiple training sessions to meet or exceed industry certification standards, as well as Dent Master’s very high professional standards. We want every Dent Master location to make both our founder Paul Coppola and all of our other locations, very proud to display our name.

For Consumers and Insurance Companies

Dent Master wants you to expect Honorable, Reliable, and Consistent practices!

For Repair Professionals

Dent Master wants you to enjoy nationwidesupport, receive more leads, expand service and customer base, travel less and spend more time with your family.

For Dealerships and Fleets

Dent Master will provide and manage expertly trained professionals to ensure commitment and quality!


Dent Master warrants that any defect or discrepancy resulting from our technician’s work will be re-repaired at any of our service locations or payment is reimbursed. See shop manager for all warranty claims or call our toll-free line: 800-478-0216


While there is a gold standard in automotive collision repair with independent third-party certification, called I-CAR, its not consistently adopted and honored. Dent Master auto reconditioning experts and dent professionals proudly undergo I-CAR training every year.


For years, customers have trusted Dent Master to help keep repairs affordable. Depending on the amount of damage your car has and the cost of your deductible, paying out-of-pocket for your repair may be less expensive. Dent Master trained experts review your initial repair plan and recommend options that will save you money. We will also handle your insurance claim from start to finish. Dent Master works with all insurance companies and specializes in estimating auto hail damage.


Our trained technicians enhance the appearance of pre-owned vehicles on your lot while providing your dealership with additional opportunities to increase revenue through the service department and hail damage settlements. Our team of hail experts has vast knowledge and 25+ years of experience in large-scale hail catastrophes. We have resources to provide accurate estimates for Paintless Dent Removal, conventional repair and the cost of replacement parts.


Dent Master is a trusted partner for many insurance companies, processing and repairing hail damage claims. We offer accurate estimating services, I-CAR certified technicians, priority repair status, and training for insurance CAT teams and adjusters. Our national resources allow us to provide high
volume repairs within a short time. Dent Master trained technicians are compliant with all standard insurance regulations. Our no-drill policy, corrosion protection service, quality repair and national warranty ensure your experience with Dent Master meets your satisfaction.


When lease or rental car damage occurs, Dent Master technicians stand ready to repair and re-paint panels quickly to ensure your rental is returned on time and you avoid excessive damage charges. For car rental companies and lease fleets our complete spectrum of services makes Dent Master the best solution for repairing cosmetic exterior and interior damage, reconditioning your cars and maintaining a clean appearance. Rely on our professional service to get guaranteed results!


For more than 25 years, Dent Master technicians have partnered with hundreds of body shops and collision centers throughout the U.S. to deliver quality hail damage repairs for their customers. Experienced Dent Master technicians have been trained to provide accurate hail estimates and supplements as well as assist in scheduling customer appointments.Increase revenue, avoid hassle, and provide a guaranteed high-quality service to your customers.


Dent Master works closely with large automotive auction companies and independently owned auction lots to provide reconditioning solutions that meet their customer’s needs. Tap into our quality and consistent customer experience nationwide, simplified vendor management, technical training support and reduced liability exposure to realize the benefit of using Dent Master.


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For hail damage repair and claims, please contact our national help line at 1 (800) 478-0216


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